The master of science or msc construction management is a course or program that aims to produce postgraduates at the forefront of management of construction projects who recognized the complexity and systems nature of the construction industry

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The Master of Science or MSc Construction Management is a course or program that aims to produce postgraduates at the forefront of management of construction projects who recognized the complexity and systems nature of the construction industry. There are several universities offering this specific masters program like University of Plymouth, University of Bath, and many others.

The MSc Construction Management that you plan of taking must be accredited by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors or RICS and the Chartered Institute of Building or CIOB. To be able to give full contribution, the construction professionals needs to recognize the potential offered by effective design coordination and modern sustainable materials. Through the knowledge and understanding of these issues, it is anticipated that a qualification would significantly improve the career prospects of ambitious, or shall I say goal-oriented, construction professionals. Additionally, it can also be perceived as a stepping stone for those considering PhD research.

A successful construction manager is someone who can determine, analyze, device, and organize resources required for a construction management. You should also know that management within the construction industry is a demanding, yet fulfilling job, operating within a rapidly changing environment, meeting the new challenges set by the use of original materials and advanced building designs. In relation to this, construction professionals have to continuously update their knowledge to keep the pace and this is where MSc Construction Management steps in.

Many successful organizations are eager to employ individuals who have put up on their undergraduate experience not only to intensify, but also to broaden their understanding of their subject. This is the reason why MSc Construction Management course exist. The MSc/MRes Construction Management masters degree is run over one year for full-time participants and MSc/ MRes Construction Management masters degree taken over two years, one day a week, for part-timers.

For part-timers case, it is likely that the reason they cannot commit to this program full-time is, probably, they are working full-time. Another option to study this program without affecting their current job is taking online courses that are also offered by selected universities. Yes, it is also offered online! You can work in your own pace. The idea of giving these options is great for working individuals who are still up to their ambitions whatever the situation is.

If you are interested in taking MSc Construction Management and looking for school to enroll to, University of Plymouth and University of Bath are just some of the universities that can help you with your goal for career advancement. When researching for this kind of program with other universities, make sure to check out for the availability of schedules and, most importantly, the course outline itself. For any inquiries about the school or program, just go to each of the universities website.

Creating a realistic schedule is a key responsibility of any project manager

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Creating a realistic schedule is a key responsibility of any project manager. This schedule must be updated regularly throughout the duration of the project to ensure that the project manager is aware of any issues or delays that might affect the product delivery date. Too many delays can lead to additional expense, customer dissatisfaction and project failure.

The Critical Path Method (CPM) is a widely-used technique developed by project managers to enable close analysis of the factors affecting the project schedule. Through Critical Path Analysis (CPA), project managers are able to make more accurate schedules and estimations.

The popular project management software, MS Project, includes various tools to facilitate creating and managing a Critical Path. This article considers how MS Project can make developing and using a Critical Path a simple, step-by-step procedure.

Creating a Critical Path using MS Project
Microsoft Project allows users to create and manage a Critical Path using the Gantt Chart capability. A Gantt Chart represents the tasks necessary to complete a project. The MS Project Gantt Chart represents task dependencies (when one task cannot be started until another is complete), task duration (including ‘slack’ – the number of days a task can run over schedule) and also summary tasks (groups of subtasks). The MS Project Gantt Chart view is automatically displayed at the start of any project.

The Critical Path describes the shortest possible sequence of tasks that are essential to successful project closure. The tasks on a project’s Critical Path will be interdependent: that is, one task is a pre-requisite for carrying the next. When the last task on the Critical Path is complete, the project can close. Any task that is not necessary for carrying out another task, or for project closure, is not part of the Critical Path.

MS Project ‘critical tasks’
A critical task in MS Project is a task which has no ‘slack’. This was earlier defined as the number of days that a task can run over schedule. In the context of the Critical Path, it means more specifically “the amount of time that a task can slip before it affects another task or the project’s finish date.” The MS Project Critical Path is therefore made up of tasks locked end-to-end in task dependency.

Display your Critical Path with MS Project
The quickest way to view your project’s Critical Path with MS Project is to open the View menu, click on More Views, select Detail Gantt, and then click Apply. This displays all the tasks necessary to complete a project. Critical tasks are displayed as red bars along a horizontal axis measured in project time. The ‘filter’ function can then be used to display critical (or, if required, non-critical) tasks only.

Shorten the Critical Path with MS Project
Sometimes the project manager needs to bring forward the finish-date of the project. This can be achieved using MS Project through the following activities:
•    Shorten the duration of individual tasks
o    schedule overtime
o    break a task down into smaller components that can be worked on simultaneously
o    assign additional resources to a task
•    Create a more flexible schedule
o    revise or remove task dependencies
o    change task constraints

More than one Critical Path
Most complex projects will have more than one sequence of essential, interdependent project tasks. The MS Project Critical Path will be the main Critical Path for the project, but you can display multiple chains of tasks within a project and even within a programme. It is also possible, using MS Project, to create a portfolio or programme Critical Path, enabling the project manager to evaluate each task against the overall business strategy.

Understanding the Critical Path Method
The Critical Path Method is an essential technique for any professional project manager. Mainstream project management software such as MS Project enables project managers to easily create and manage a Critical Path, and maximise the accuracy and benefits that Critical Path Analysis brings to a project or programme.

Many people find a vending machine opportunity attractive because it does not require the time that other businesses will

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Many people find a vending machine opportunity attractive because it does not require the time that other businesses will. It is also popular because it is a cash business, and they will not need to handle checks or credit cards. Some of the newer machines allow the consumer to pay with a debit card. The owner can choose not to use that option.

Vending machine business opportunities do not require a large investment, as you are able to start with one machine and work your way up to a profitable business. There is no need for sales pitching, the items will sell themselves to the thirsty, hungry, or lover of sweets.

Before you jump in with both feet, here are a few tips to consider.

1. Find the right product: Look for a product that will be a good seller but is not too hard to replenish. You will want to look at how much money you will realize per location and how much time it will take to service your machines, including the time it takes to drive to your locations. You will also want to consider how much profit you are making from your sales.

2. What is the right machine for you? First, consider the product you want to sell, what is on the market now, and what type of inventory will sell best in that location. You will want your machines to draw attention away from your competition and impress the client.

3. Location is the most important factor in the success of your vending machine business opportunity. You need to know the establishment attracts a lot of foot traffic before you decide to place your machines with them. You may want to hire a professional to find a profitable location for you.

You may also want to buy an existing route as a vending machine business opportunity. You will need to take care to research the route and check out the machines before you decide to purchase. Above all when considering a vending machine business opportunity, learn everything you can about the vending business. There are many articles and ebooks available on the internet that will tell you everything you will need to know about the vending business.

You will also need to find wholesale distributors for your wares. The internet is a great place to find those companies that sell in bulk at wholesale prices. Don’t be afraid to shop around and get the best prices for the merchandise you plan to sell in your vending machines. The internet has hundreds of companies all vying for your business, get the best deal for yourself.

When you buy your machines through a vending machine distributor, they should be able to help you find a distributor, if you feel you can’t do it on your own. They will also help you by giving you tips on how to start and grow your vending machine business opportunity. You will need to weigh the pros and cons to see which way you want to go when buying machines and supplies.

If you want to have a lucrative vending business, it will be up to you to learn the best places to set up your machines, what type of machines will work well in that location, and how to beat out the competition.

Let us know what is sponge iron and a sponge iron plant

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Let us know what is Sponge Iron and a Sponge Iron Plant? The answer is sponge iron is the product created when iron ore is reduced to metallic iron. It is the iron source produced by heating an iron ore at very high temperature enough to burn off its oxygen and carbon content but below iron’s melting point. A Sponge Iron Plant is a unit or place involved with all the process of making sponge iron.

Process – The process of sponge iron making aims to remove oxygen from iron ore. The manufacturing of sponge iron is highly sensitive to raw material characteristics. Therefore, in a plant, all the necessary steps are taken to examine the pyysical characteristics of raw materials and Daubert chemicals, both individually and with combination.

The Engineering, R&D, & Projects Division of manufacturing is require to fully equipped to render assistance in basic and detailed engineering of Sponge Iron Plants.

Sponge Iron Equipment

• Dust Settling Chambers are required to discharge dust free gas.

• Cooler shells are very essential for effective cooling while iron is heated or melted.

• Transfer chutes are requiring transporting iron ore from one piece of equipment to another and hence essential equipment in sponge iron plant.

• Kiln Outlet hoods are necessary in proper functioning of sponge iron plants.

• Conveyors are mechanical apparatus that transports raw materials, products or items being assembled from one place to another

• Kilns are thermally insulated chambers in which controlled temperature regimes are produced. Kilns are made of superior quality raw materials.

• Discharge belts are conveyors in belt shape, effective used for handling loose raw materials like stone, sand, coal, grain etc.

• Drive System for Rotary Kiln

Though the carbon accounting and disclosure efforts of an individual company may not have a direct bearing on the climate policy decisions taken by the indian government, a wide participation by india inc

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Though the carbon accounting and disclosure efforts of an individual company may not have a direct bearing on the climate policy decisions taken by the Indian government, a wide participation by India Inc. in activities in the area of carbon accounting, emission reductions and reporting can send a strong signal that Indian industry is proactively engaging in the climate change dialogue and response process. Such activities will contribute towards political process through analysis and reporting. For example – the release of CDP India 2009 report coincided with landmark session in parliament where the environmental Minister Mr. Jairam Ramesh announced that India will reduce its carbon intensity levels by 20-25% on its 2005 over the next 11 years. The Economic Times carried an article quoting the CDP India report and saying that India Inc. is well positioned to achieve the 20-25% emission intensity reduction targets given that companies are already voluntarily disclosing their carbon footprints and undertaking measures to reduce them.

It is evident that voluntary initiatives such as the CDP or company’s sustainability reports highlighting their carbon emissions, reduction measures and targets are influencing policy decisions and in future will play a significant role in India’s climate change strategy and policy.


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